Services for Non-Profits

FutureLight was founded to meet the needs of non-profits. As artists, we felt that if we were going to spend our lives telling stories, they might as well be stories that will make the world a better place. If you have a story or message that the world needs to hear, we hope you’ll consider allowing us to lend our gifts to your cause. In today’s media-saturated world, competition for attention is more fierce then ever, and sometimes a poor impression of your cause can be worse than no impression at all.

We work in a collaborative manner, and we offer deep discounts to non-profits. Here’s some of the ways we can help.

Media Production

  • Building Web Presence – Every cause needs an online hub to coordinate volunteers and distribute information. We can help get you set up on Twitter, Facebook, and traditional web pages. 
  • Viral Video Marketing – Tell your story in a way that makes people say “Whaaaaat?”, “WHAT!?“, or for you more conservative folks, “Hmmmm…”
  • TV Commercials – With our motion graphics and visual effects skills, we can help make sure your 30 seconds really grab people’s attention.
  • Logo Design -  We can help distill the heart of your cause into a unique graphic identity that inspires and excites.
  • Flyers and Print Design - Paper isn’t dead. We can help spread the word about your cause or event with attractive paper flyers, postcards, and posters.

Training Workshops

For churches and other organizations who are trying to increase the quality of their in-house media, we offer the following workshops:

  • Cinematography - Basic film lighting techniques that will dramatically improve the visual quality of your videos. We’ll discuss basic lighting principles, lighting for interviews, Greenscreen, and locations. Topics are flexible based on your needs.
  • Editing - If you’re using Adobe Premiere Pro, we can give detailed technical workshops on our proven workflows for editing from tape, and DSLR, including how to organize and synchronize clips from multiple cameras, separate audio recordings and more.
  • Story - If you’re producing short narratives or documentaries to raise awareness about your cause, we can teach you basic storytelling techniques that will help you weave messages into your narratives without seeming heavy-handed or cheesy.